HANDCAKES are small batch, all natural, hand made soaps made at Elemental Health. Hand crafted soaps are more moisturizing than most commercial soaps because the do not contain harsh perfumes or dyes, and are superfatted with pure oils which are good for your skin. I have been making these soaps for over 12 years using a base of olive oil, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil. Then I mix in ingredients such as: pure essential oils for scent, spirulina or french clay for color, or herbs for exfoliating texture. Please call me with your questions and comments.

Custom orders and labels are available.

Soaps available currently:
The following soaps are in square, 3 ounce bars. $4. each, 2 for $7.50, 3 for $11.

Lavender Oatmeal the most popular bar, light lavender scent and mild scrub from oatmeal. good for a hand or body soap.

Rose Geranium pink in color from french clay, scented with rose geranium essential oil, and containing rose petals, all which are very good for the skin. good for a hand or body soap.

Lemongrass a popular, uplifting scent, with a soft yellow color from annatto seed. best for hands only.

Peppermint simply a fresh, enlivening smell to wake you up in the morning. best for hands only.

Chamomile Calendula contains no essential oils, just chamomile and calendula petals for the most sensitive skin. great as a baby soap. good for a hand or body soap.

Ylang Ylang an exotic floral scent and mild exfoliation from sandalwood powder.

Nicolet Candles
Nicolet candles are made from soy wax, which burns longer and cleaner than other types of waxes. Sizes range from votives at $8. to large 3 wick rounds at $24. Scents include lavender, sandalwood vanilla, twigs and berries, and lily of the valley. www.nicoletcandlecompany.com

Ally's AromaRemedies
Founded in 2008 by Ally Kuo, certified Aromatherapist, her massage oils contain a base of jojoba oil and a blend of GC/MS tested pure essential oils. They smell great, are good for your skin, and many have therapeutic benefits too.

Blends available currently: Detox Ale, Head Tonic, Mellow Melody, Girl's Best Friend, Sensuous, Mellow Melody, Rosy Dream, and Winter Wellness. www.allyar.com

Prices range from $12. to $15 for 30 ml, and $40. to $55. for 140 ml.

BodySense Aromatherapy Hot/Cold packs
These hot packs combine the benefits of moist heat and Aromatherapy. Each product contains aromatic herbs and spices, carefully selected for their healing properties, and rice for its moisture content and weight. They can be used hot or cold, and are heated in a microwave. Available in sizes that fit around the neck, over the sinuses, or on the back or abdomen. Prices range from $25. to $55. www.bodysenseinc.com

Gigi's Herbals
Herbal salves and lip balms for skin healing, created by an Herbalist and Acupuncturist. There is a general Healing Salve for minor cuts and irritated skin, a Sit Ease Salve for hemorrhoids and varicose veins, and St. John's Wort oil for nerve pain. Prices range from $4. for lip balm, to $10. for a 1 ounce Healing Salve.

Gramp's Gourmet Pickles
Produced in Scales Mound, IL, Gramp's Gourmet pickles have a unique sweet, sour and sometimes spicy taste. They taste great in sandwiches, especially grilled cheese. www.grampsgourmetpickles.com
Currently available:
Original (sweet and sour)
Sour Dill
Sour Dill Garlic
Sour Dill Jalapeno

Kickers (spicy, sour, and garlicky. Great for bloody marys!)
Beets (pickled beets, sweet and sour. Also comes spicy.)

$6. per pint

Lama Chodpa incense
100% pure and natural Tibetan incense. Has a woodsy, herbal scent, not perfumy or strongly scented. Produced and blessed in ceremony by monks, and proceeds help their local schools. Scents: meditation, relaxation, flower, clean environment. In $5. and $10. rolls.

Resistance Coffee
100% Fair Trade, 100% Organic, 100% Liberated Rich, chocolately beans from La FEM women's cooperative in Nicaragua. Roasted here in Chicago. If you drink coffee, this is one you can feel good about. Produced by On-the-Fly-Farms, an organic farming project. For more info, email: mail@chicorycenter.org $10. per pound, regular or decaf.