Therapeutic Massage is based on Swedish Massage and is a manual manipulation of soft tissue. Many people seek out massage therapy to relieve the knots and tension in tight muscles, but massage also helps improve circulation, lymphatic flow, slows heart rate and breathing, relaxes the nervous system, and benefits the immune system. It is good for you, and it feels good.
Some types of therapeutic massage include Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Sports massage, Neuromuscular, Pregnancy, and Infant massage. All of the Massage Therapists at Elemental Health are certified and licensed to practice in Illinois. Many of them have additional training which, along with years of experience, creates the style of each therapist. Please see the "therapist" page to see what each therapist specializes in.

Massage Therapy
$95. for 60 minutes
$130. for 90 minutes

Acupuncture comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is several thousand years old. The use of sterilized needles inserted into specific points can alleviate pain, increase energy, calm the mind and nerves, and treat many, many conditions. The practitioner will usually ask questions about your health, look at your tongue, and check your pulse to put together a picture of your current health and what can be improved. The use of herbs or nutrition may also be suggested. Cupping, guasha, and moxabustion do not utilize needles, and may be performed if indicated. Acupuncturists at Elemental Health are nationally certified and licensed in Illinois.

Initial Consultation and Treatment $95. for 60-90 minutes
Follow-up Treatments $80. for 45 minutes
Acupuncture with Core Synchronism $95. for 45-60 minutes
Acupuncture with Massage Therapy $95. for 60 minutes, $130. for 90 minutes.

Core Synchronism is a gentle but deeply relaxing and therapeutic type of bodywork that was developed out of Polarity Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy. Homeostasis, or balance, is encouraged as everything in the physical body - bones, organs, tissue - is synchronized with the subtle energies - chakras, nadis, long currents - that direct the nervous system. Physical pain, emotions, and traumas are released from our cellular memories as we come closer to a peaceful, balanced state. Those who receive Core Sync say it leaves them feeling centered, clearer, or just very relaxed.

Core Synchronism
$95. for 60 minutes

Reflexology Foot reflexology utilizes finger and thumb techniques on the feet which send a signal to the brain to interrupt stress, promote deep relaxation, clarity of mind, and a sense of well-being. It is common at the end of a session to experience whole body relaxation as though you have had a full body massage. A session can assist with: digestive ailments, hormonal imbalance, structural pain, attention deficit disorders, headache/migraines, sleeping disorders, releasing emotional tension, and strengthening the immune system.

$95. for 60 minutes
$130. for 90 minutes

Services are by appointment only. Please call to schedule. Other types of bodywork may be available, please ask if you are interested in services you do not see listed here.