Heidi Gillespie LMT, NTS, L.Ac., has been practicing Massage Therapy, Core Synchronism, and Polarity Therapy since 1997 when she graduated as a Natural Therapeutics Specialist from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. She became certified in Herbal Medicine, Structural Therapy, Psychophysical Re-education, and Acupuncture from the Chicago College of Healing Arts in 2003. She specializes in combining massage techniques, Acupuncture and Core Synchronism into deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatments for body, mind and spirit.

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Karyn Forman L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., L.M.T.
In 2004, Karyn graduated summa cum laude from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine with a Master's degree in Oriental Medicine. She is nationally certified in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture with the NCCAOM. As a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1997, she also incorporates her many years of experience as a Massage Therapist and Core Synchronism practitioner into her Acupuncture treatments.

Karyn brings a unique perspective and a passion for helping her clients move forward in attaining their physical and personal goals. She has extensive experience addressing the specific needs of pregnant women, athletes and professional musicians. Karyn is especially interested in using Acupuncture to treat issues including infertility, headaches, digestive disorders, depression and stress.

As a longtime yoga student and avid bicyclist, she has a sensitive touch while treating repetitive strain injuries including: carpal tunnel syndrome, back, neck and shoulder pain. She encourages personal involvement in the healing process through incorporating lifestyle and nutrition suggestions within her treatments.

She is excited to offer the work of Core Synchronism at Elemental Health; a technique that is based on Cranial Osteopathy, Polarity and the principles of Natural Therapeutics. Her extensive and continuing education in Core Synchronism has been enhanced by assisting in the instruction of numerous Core Synchronism classes throughout the Chicagoland area. Ask her how this gentle yet deep treatment enhances her Acupuncture treatments.

Mara Nicandro LMT, NMT, MMT, NKT, HLC1, Nctmb Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Mara is a qualified therapist who owned and operated Therapeutic Massage of Texas from 2004 to 2011. She obtained dual advanced education in Neuromuscular Therapy and Medical Massage from Sterling Health Center in Dallas, Texas.

Her first line of defense is relieving muscular pain and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system. Muscular tension can lead to dysfunctional movement but when caught early enough it can be corrected, lending to improved mobility and range of motion.

Your sessions with her will start with a posture assessment to identify the possible source of dysfunction, followed by a precise treatment which includes Proprioceptive Neuromuscular stretching, muscle energy techniques and Neuromuscular protocols. The treatments are gentle but effective in reducing pain and tension.

A symmetrical and well-aligned body is imperative to good health. Without that foundation, the body will become susceptible to health problems. Bad posture, traumatic injury, allergies, digestive problems, and hormonal imbalances all lead to muscular imbalances.

Her practice specializes in solution and strategies for you to stay healthy, happy, and active. Combining manual therapy and natural holistic approaches that integrates NUTRITION, movement, assessment and REHABILITATIVE technique to transform your Health.

Sessions promote deep breathing, improve posture, promote joint stability, balance and coordination, eating based on your unique body type, reduces anxiety, enhances a calm mind, increases self-awareness and mental alertness.

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Heather Fraelick, LMT

Heather Fraelick began her professional life as a dancer after graduating with honors from Columbia College Chicago in 2000. Throughout her career, she experienced several dance related injuries that left her unable to perform. As a result, she decided to learn about healing by expanding her knowledge of human anatomy, kinesiology and massage therapy. In pursuit of this interest, Heather attended the New School for Massage; Bodywork and Healing in Chicago, IL in 2004. Her experience in massage therapy school changed her life, and as a result she chose to dedicate her career to the service of helping others heal.

With 10 years of massage therapy experience and over 15 years of professional dance and movement education experience, she brings forth an intuitive blend of bodywork modalities to tailor each session to meet her clients' individual needs. These modalities include assisted stretching, deep tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish massage and Trigger Point Therapy techniques. Many of her clients are those experiencing chronic pain, neck and shoulder injuries, headaches, low back pain and plantar fascitis.

If needed, she also provides Pre-Natal Massage to expectant mothers as well as Reflexology and Reiki as additional treatments to enhance one’s overall well-being. During your time together, you will have an opportunity to heal and restore yourself while learning stretches and self care techniques for you to practice at home.

Heather brings forth a compassionate, listening ear to each session and enjoys helping clients empower themselves on their road to recovery!

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Treesha DiGuido

Treesha DiGuido has been practicing Reflexology for 17 years and is certified through the Wellness Massage and Training Institute. She offers foot, hand, and ear reflexology. Initially trained in the Ingham method of reflexology, she received her Proficiency Certification in the Manzanares Method of Reflexology in 2015 and is a Level 2 Structural Reflexology Practitioner as well. She furthers her reflexology education 2-4 times yearly in addition to teaching reflexology classes nationally since 2010.

Treesha has a reverence for the ancient function of the feet and the primary role they play in our lives. She is an avid proponent of Earthing and promotes foot wellness beyond her sessions.

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